Thank you, Me

Dear Me,

Just a note at the end of the year, end of a decade (Wow!) to say thanks for being…you/me. I hope this finds you well but my inside source suggests not. So, I thought a little gratitude might help with perspective (actually, it wasn’t me, it was a dear friend Erica of RubberDucky who suggested it so, no thanks to me for that).

Thanks for fostering that pit bull pup who was super sweet but ate all your big garden pots, then the medical foster huskie pup who needed hydroptherapy and is the only dog other than Obie Hershie doesn’t try to kill. You played a part in placing them in their loving, furever homes and that’s a very good thing.

Also, thanks for promising to take a six months hiatus from dog fostering because that was a lot of physical and emotional work and you need a break. And your garden pots.

My sincere gratitude for biting the bullet and buying “health insurance” earlier this year.  Buying it got you into the doctor’s office for all the tests to get you current on menopause and heart issues and general health. Even though it was a scam, you wouldn’t have made the needed appointments and taken the prescribed tests otherwise.

Also, grateful you now know the importance of prioritizing your health, canceling that scam “insurance” policy and the cash value of that lab in the strip mall across from HEB.

Another year of successful freelancing! You did it! Saying Yes to the new projects then spending long hours researching how to complete them and the longer hours doing them well. Lots of driving under the (seat) belt to far away sites and clearing cats off the keyboard working from home. Well done! I am so thankful you accomplished what you said you would and got the work done even when you didn’t really want to.

Also, might want to think about all the times you didn’t really feel up to it before you agree to -everything- that’s offerred to you in the coming year. Just a thought.

As always, I truly appreciate the work you’ve done on your relationships with the Significant Other and (y)our twins. You’re always their biggest cheerleader, shoulder to cry on and safety net, providing what they need before they even know what to ask for. Each has expressed how grateful they are for that.

Thanks in advance for reminding yourself of that when, over the next year, you may need to pull back some to focus on caring for yourself. It’s okay to wait until they know what to ask for. Or to even let them provide for themselves (sometimes. I know you).

Which brings me to not so much a thank you as a promise (for future thanks!). For all you’ve done, for everything you’ve accomplished this year, I promise to turn some of that care you took of your fosters, knowledge you gained in re. your health, hard work you’ve done for your clients, acceptance and guidance you’ve offered your loved ones on you, Me. It’s your turn.

Nothing but love for ya, babe. And thanks again for being you.